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That does(nít) rhyme for me! / About this board
« Last post by Angela on October 29, 2016, 12:35:08 pm »
Welcome to the 'That does(nít) rhyme for me!' board!

If you've found a purported rhyme on (or perhaps in someone else's poetry) which doesn't rhyme in your accent, even though your accent seems to have the accent parameters required for the rhyme, post about it here. The same goes for rhymes which work for you which you don't find in the dictionary. Maybe one of the words has the wrong pronunciation in the dictionary, in which case it will be fixed, or maybe your accent has an interesting feature which causes the words to rhyme or not rhyme, in which case perhaps a new accent parameter will be added to the dictionary to reflect that.

If you already know what is different about your accent that changes whether the rhyme works, check the New accent parameters thread to see whether I'm already planning to add that to the dictionary. You can comment there to register your interest in a planned feature so I know how to prioritise them. Otherwise, ask about it here and maybe we'll all learn something. It can be helpful to include the following:

  • Where your accent is from, and anything you know about features of the accent, so we can work out how it affects the rhymes.
  • Some examples of other words which the dictionary claims rhyme or don't rhyme with the word in question, and whether they rhyme for you, so we can figure out if an entire group of words rhymes or doesn't rhyme in a given accent, or just a specific word or subgroup of words has a different pronunciation in your accent.
  • Perhaps an audio sample of the words rhyming/not rhyming; this could be either a recording of yourself, or a link to a song or similar.

To make the forum search on the main rhyme science page more useful, please only use the words themselves in the subject line, e.g. 'mass/pass' rather than 'mass and pass don't rhyme for me!' (Note: this particular example is due to the trap/bath split, which I will eventually add as an accent parameter.)
Your Rhymes / About this board
« Last post by Angela on October 27, 2016, 10:02:50 am »
Welcome to the 'Your Rhymes' board!

Here you can ask for rhymes you couldn't find in the dictionary, tell people about interesting rhymes you've found (either in this dictionary or elsewhere) or share what you've done with rhymes in poetry or lyrics. There are no hard-and-fast rules as yet, but here are some suggestions to keep the board useful:

  • The subjects on this board are searched whenever someone searches for a rhyme, so it's recommended you put the word(s) you've found rhymes for or are looking for rhymes for in the subject so that people looking for those rhymes will find the thread.
  • It will also help people skimming the thread for rhymes if you put the rhyming words within the message in bold.
  • Please search the existing threads first before starting a thread, and add to the existing discussion if it's relevant enough. It's okay to resurrect a long-dormant thread; that way we will have, for example, all the rhymes for 'orange' in one place.

To make the forum search on the main rhyme science page more useful, please only use the rhyming words themselves in the subject line, e.g. 'orange/oranges' rather than 'rhymes for orange/oranges'.
Your Rhymes / Orange/oranges
« Last post by Angela on October 22, 2016, 01:34:49 pm »
I know people are going to be searching for this, so until I add some to the dictionary I figured I'd give some examples here.

Tom Lehrer's example requires the Father-Bother merger, as well as enjambment (splitting a word at the end of a line) :

eating an orange
while making love
makes for bizarre enj-
oyment thereof

Some people use door hinge, which requires H-dropping, the Cot-Caught merger, and putting the stress on 'door' when it otherwise might not be. An example from Marian Call:

They drank all the pilsner and ate all the oranges
And she thought as the rotten and rusty door hinges

A perfect one (requiring only enjambment, but no particular features of the speaker's accent as far as I know) would be something worn with a very fancy kilt, 'sporran j-ewel'. Some other perfect ones I found online are Gorringe, Blorange, and Sporange.

I once rhymed 'orange S' with 'foreign ges-ture' in a poem about grapheme-colour synaesthesia.

Do you know of any more?
Suggestions / New accent parameters
« Last post by Angela on October 22, 2016, 01:20:08 pm »
Here's a list of the accent parameters (the options you get when searching for rhymes, such as rhoticity and Father-Bother) I currently plan on adding. Reply to let me know if there are any others you'd like, or if you'd find some of these more useful than others, so I can prioritise the work. I'll keep this list up-to-date with any that are planned, in progress, or finished.

  • Merry-marry-Mary merger (with several different choices depending on which are merged.) This would allow the requirements behind such rhymes as 'marry 'em'/planetarium' to be made explicit. In the current rhyme database Mary and merry are merged (so I would have to go through manually and determine which words used which sound), and marry is split.
  • Trap-Bath split because pass doesn't always rhyme with mass, nor does it necessarily rhyme with moss under the father-bother merger. These are currently merged, so again, they'd have to be split manually.
  • Flapping, so that we can find rhymes like 'polluted' and 'all you did'
  • Short-i schwa because apparently in accents other than my own, 'open' doesn't rhyme with 'hopin''. This has actually already been implemented, but I found some other issues related to it (for instance, the dictionary currently thinks that some words with the '-ising' spelling use a different vowel from the same words with '-izing' spelling, while they should be the same even without this new parameter) so I want to fix those first.
  • G-dropping so that open will rhyme with hoping when the previous parameter is appropriately set. This one should be pretty easy to do.
  • H-dropping because I know people are going to be searching for 'oranges' and 'door hinges'. (Another general improvement I plan to make is either creating special pages for expected searches such as 'orange', or adding in known examples manually, with attribution. Meanwhile, I've made a forum thread for it)
  • The near-square merger so that Great Big Sea can have their conscience clear. Combined with the merry-marry-Mary merger (something which I suspect it rarely coincides with) this would give near-limitless rhyming power!
Suggestions / About this board
« Last post by Angela on October 21, 2016, 11:33:11 pm »
Welcome to the Suggestions board!

This is where you can make any suggestions about the site. This might include:

  • Changes to the interface
  • New accent parameters that you'd like to see added
  • Changes to the structure of the forum

Please check the existing threads to find out what improvements are already planned or have already been suggested.

If you've found rhymes that don't rhyme for you, or didn't find rhymes that do, and you don't know of a specific feature of an accent that causes the difference, please post in the 'That does[n't] rhyme for me!' forum instead. There people can discuss the pronunciation and whether it rhymes in their accents, and eventually either a word's pronunciation will be fixed or a new accent parameter will be created.
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